My escape

Ontwerp: Anna Kobierowska, Hogeschool ArtEZ (Arnhem)

Being inspired by our modern, 21st century, busy live style, I’ve chosen a rug as a sustainable product. In my point of view, this particular item posses much more functions apart of decorative ones: we can use it as a relaxing spot, which in synergy with our bodies, can produce sustainable heat, keeping us warm and safe. Form of the product has been achieved out of human sleeping positions, as they are natural expressions of relaxation.
In our modern world, where we are constantly busy, working long hours behind the computer, we seek for places to escape, relax and take few minutes of power snooze. Thus by using my carpet, user can find this shelter, like a cocoon securing us from the overwhelming world. Warm and cozy experiences relax body and provides calm state of mind. User can re-charge its natural batteries free of environmental charge, since no additional, radiator type of heating is needed.
- I’ve chosen not dyed wool yarns, famous for their heat generating abilities; this material is produced in natural, traditional way, where no heavy machinery and other, possible destructive for the environment resources are used;
- rug itself is hand made, using knitting techniques from traditional craft design; again
- no machinery is used, what contributes to the high quality of the product, able to sustain its
capabilities for much longer period of time;
- multifunctional roles of the carpet, such as decorative, relaxing, heat generating, also
highly underline sustainability factor in of my product.

door Ania Kobierowska

Anna Kobierowska MY ESCAPE

Anna Kobierowska winnaar Design MY ESCAPE

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