Ontwerp: Tainá Cristina Maraschini, Willem de Kooning Academie (Rotterdam)

The winter barely started and it is already snowing outside. The weather is not inviting to go outside because besides the cold, it is windy and drizzling. In these days it is always a good idea to stay inside drinking hot chocolate by the side of the heater. How to avoid this kind of sensation, go through the laziness and go outside?

Who wouldn’t like to have a huge sweater to stay inside all day long on cold days? To have a sweater where you can feel like home wherever you go? This is the inspiration for the design of my sweater.

Besides being made with wool that keeps the body warm, it is enormous. You can forget about the cold outside and the necessity of a heater. When wearing it you’re totally covered from head to toes and the wind cannot reach you. It is much more than a warm sweater, it is comfortable and beautiful. It has a special hand-knitted pattern and the color is thought of to accompany you in every day, independent of your mood.

It was made to keep you cozy and happy, to keep you company everywhere. I just wouldn’t recommend you to go cycling with it. But let’s agree, who likes cycling when it is cold and windy anyway?

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